Friday, April 24, 2009

My Big Day Soon

I guess my single hood is about to end soon. It will be a start to a new chapter in my life with someone which I love the most. To take the vow as a husband and wife is not a game. Once you commit, it done. No turning back point for us in Roman Catholic belief that once you are married, you are one with your partner for the rest of your life. The teachings forbid divorce and if you divorce, it will be a sin as you have taken a vow in front of God in church. After enduring for the past few weeks on the pre marriage course and preparing for my big day, I keeping to ask myself am I’m ready? I’m ready for it but there is some feeling of butterflies flying in my stomach when closer to the date which falls on 2nd May 2009. Actually 1st May is the wedding will begin with my Melanau cultural wedding ceremony. Hope I’ll be flying back tomorrow with my other half for the last preparation of our big day. Hope she feel as what I feel now. Nervous, scared and etc. All mix feeling which I can describe as a mocktail of feelings where all the feeling are all mix up. I hope, everything will work fine.