Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LEGO Christmas Tree @ Bangsar Village II

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m on my festive moods since the beginning of the week of November. In Malaysia, the shopping malls take the opportunity to attract more patrons by decorating their malls with magnificent lightings and chritmas decoration with themes.
For the past few weeks, I did took some photo using my mobile but the picture was quite blurry and during that time, most shopping malls is still in decorating process and yet to complete. So, keep on reading to my post as I will post regularly on Christmas Deco around Klang Valley.

LEGO Christmas tree

Today, we start with a unique Christmas tree. After having my dinner with my wife and friends for banana leaf rice at Nirwana, we went to Bangsar Shopping Complex Bangsar Village II at Jalan Telawi to witness the tallest Christmas trees decorated and build out of Lego. It contains 850 thousand cubic of LEGO and stands at 7 metre high. It is the tallest LEGO Christmas tree in Asia.

LEGO Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is decorated with LEGO candy cane sticks and tinsels.  Some onlooker was not that convince the Christmas tree was made out of LEGO until they seeing it close up.

Close up view on the deco

It truly a LEGO Christmas tree

Beside from displaying the Christmas tree, Toy’R’Us also take the opportunity to sells LEGO stuff and display some LEGO models according to edition such as Stars Wars, Prince of Persia, Pirates Island and etc to name a few.

Star Troopers

This taken on the other wing of the shopping complex

Taken from 2nd Floor

Taken from 2nd Floor

Star Wars Collection LEGO

I snap some of the snap shot of the Christmas tree and other LEGO models for your viewing pleasure. If you were around in Klang Valley during this time, why not drop by at Bangsar Village II and later on have a dinner at one of the best banana leaf rice at Nirwana.

P/S: Change the name of the mall name. Paiseh... paiseh