Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kampar Curry Chicken Bun @ Kota Damansara

Every states or places in our beloved country Malaysia have their own specialty of foods example if we go Kuching (Sarawak) is famous for Kolok Mee, Sarawak Laksa, Sibu (Sarawak) is famous for Kampua Mee, Kompia and Penang is Char Kway Teow and Asam Laksa to name a few.
There is local delicacies origin from Kampar and can be said quite famous which is Kampar Curry Bread Bun. It is available at Yau Kee Restaurant Kota Damansara. The shop owner open up a branch at Kota Damansara as a plan of expansion of the company and try they luck in Kuala Lumpur. I don't managed to capture the shop but there is another blogger blog about the shop and managed to capture it. You may click on the following link here.

The shop front look taken from

Me and my missus stumble with the shop as we were searching other shop at that place. The shop is still new I guess and they also cooked dishes and few tables are available for seating. As me and my wife was rushing, we just tapau (take away) the curry bun. It cost RM18 for the medium size bun.

Nice big packaging of the bun

The Chicken Curry Bun

When we reached home, I immediately grabbed hold my camera and snap some photo of the bun. It  was nicely packed in a box when I opened up the box, it was huge bun. There were some instruction for us to follow on how to unveiled the chicken curry wrapped inside the bun. Just by following the steps shown, i managed to unveiled the hidden chicken curry which is wrapped inside a paper.
The packaging come with instructions.

The taste of the curry was nice and all you need to do is to dip the bun to the curry and enjoyed the meal. I wonder how the RM30 bun will look like. For those who are interested to taste this Kampar Chicken Curry Bun, you may come to the shop and tapau one to bring back home. I’m not sure either this version are the best in Klang Valley as this the 2nd shop i stumble here. The one at Asia Cafe had closed for few months already.

By following the instruction, you will managed to find the curry wrapped in a paper inside of the bun

The Curry Chicken inside the bun

The size of the Curry Chicken Bun

P/s: I received some comments and suggestion from fellow friends to put my Monkey Head Logo with my blog URL on the shop or stall I’d visited. A good suggestion but I’m not that into food critics. I just loved to share information.