Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ChicKing Fried Chicken @ Tropicana Mall

There is a new fast food outlet which is similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken located at Tropicana Shopping mall; it’s called ChicKing Fried Chicken. As it was still new, so there were a lot of patron who want to have a test on the food they are serving. From googling the internet, found out ChicKing Fried Chicken is a fast food chain restaurant from the UAE which offering Halal food. The outlet in Tropicana Mall is the first outlet open in Malaysia soil. The second outlet will be located at Shah Alam.

The counter, only 1 was operating when i took this pic.

The Menu
The foods are almost similar to KFC but the taste obviously is totally different from KFC. I order my the spicy chicken and it turn out to be over cooked and it was small. You can’t specific order which parts of chicken you want for your meal whereby we can do it at any outlet like McD, KFC, Popeye and A&W. Sighs.....

The Spicy ChicKing Fried Chicken

Spicy Chick Pop

ChicKing Coleslaw - the vege was cut too fine and seem you eat a porridge

The mashed potato which is the only nice items from the menu i ordered

The mashed potato, ermmm.... ok ok lah but prefer Popeye’s the most.
The price, ermmm... reasonable but not worth it. What you see in the picture is totally different from what you been served. Muahahahahaha
Beside from the food and the pricing, I’m also quite disappointed with the service as there are only open 2 counters and the service quite slow. Maybe i can forgive about that due there just start to do the business. Saw few patrons were waiting so long for the food and i saw few fussy customers as well.
If I were given a choice of McD or ChicKing (Beside than KFC), I prefer McD better although there are not from a background of serving fried chicken. This is my opinion and I hope those read my post won’t get offensive with it. It may take time for me to visit this place until they is someone go there and give good comments about the food they served.