Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding Day Mass

Snap Photo of the Mass Event
2nd May 2009, it was my big day with my wife where we become husband and wife in front of God. It was a memorable days and we will cherish it for life. It can be said a simple yet look grand event for me. My wife was escorted by the big biker of Sibu which leads by my uncle from the makeup studio near to Polyclinic in Oya and I was escorted by Myvi (MMC) Team Sibu Chapter from my house to the church. It was a memorable wedding day for me where I see a lot of people turn up to the church which consists of relatives and friends from different walks of life wishing us well for lasting happiness. St. Mary's Church was the place where i met my wife, she was the organist and I was the guitarist. And then out of sudden, we become close together and ended up married in the church. The choirs did sing nice that day, the priest after 25 years never performed a wedding mass and even in St. Mary's Church Sibu also helps a lot in preparing both of us for the mass sequence.

Myvi Escort