Saturday, May 16, 2009

My wish come true!!!!

KLCC shots. My first shot from my new 1000D
Lately, my wish to have a SLR camera finally came true. I'm glad that my colleague follow me which is Choo which willing to walk me to Sg. Wang to "see" and "test" the SLR camera and spend our lunch hour time to try 2 DSLR entry level camera which is Canon 1000D aka Rebel XS and Nikon D60. We spend 45 minutes for testing and ask more details from the aunty regarding the both camera. Even she can't help much as both camera have its own pro and con. Finnaly i decide to get Canon 1000D as the function is much more user friendly for me. Choo was shock when i tell him I'm gonna buy that time. Hahahaha... I'm waiting for my other colleague to upgrade the camera to SLR as well. I'm planting "racun" on their brains and now i think the poison have spread to some of them. Some people say, take a good camera for photo such as SLR and take a good video cam for video. Do not combine 2 in one as you will regret in the end.
Thunder storm view from my apartment balcony
Genting View from my apartment

Me and my SLR