Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Mass at St. Anthony Church Pudu

Today is Easter Sunday and I went to church as usual. Usually I attend English mass and sometime I attend BM mass. I attend a 12:00 noon BM mass service at St. Anthony Church Pudu. This church was built in 1911 and the location is right down near to the worst traffic flow in KL which is near the Puduraya station. Been brought up in a Catholic church which usually use English in most of my life, went to BM mass is such a good experience. Although the language been use for the services is not the same but the sequence are the same for all the mass services. When I arrive at the church, there were flooded with congregation praying and no space to sit. Even the church builds 2 tent side by side the church but yet it still full. I was standing in one of the tent before I decided to stands at the back of the church. Most of the goers for BM mass in this church mostly are Sabahan, Sarawakian, Orang Asli and Indonesians. Some you might see some Indians and Chinese attend this BM mass either there are more comfortable with BM mass or the same case like me, missed the English mass services in the morning. For choirs for this particular church, the BM mass services have marvellous voices and you will impress with it when they sing (but it’s in BM). The mass start at 12:00 noon and end up at 2:00pm. There were some treats after the mass but since too much people, I rather leave the church as my car I parked was blocking someone else cars. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all have a blessed happy Easter.

The church front view where some stalls selling food and drink been opened by the roadside.

I was standing behind the tent before i stand behind the church. See how pack is the church.

I manage to squeeze myself into the church but yet still standing behind next to the confessional room. See the few big pillars which holds the church fondations.

View of the altar.

A close up view of the altar. Really love the stained glass effect.

The choir pillar which seldom been used by most colonial builts church.

A nice shot of the church over the gloomy skies.