Monday, June 1, 2009

Buffet Dinner @ PJ Hilton 25th Anniversary

Hilton 25th Anniversary Chocolate was given to guest.

After returning back from Penang, my wife and I followed by my cousin when for buffet dinner at PJ Hilton for their 25th Anniversary celebration. The ticket for the buffet was only RM25 per pax and was held in one of the hotel restaurant which is Paya Serai. Usually for buffet dinner in this restaurant will cost you around RM90++ per pax. But since it was to commemorate 25th Anniversary for PJ Hilton, the buffet dinner was set at only RM25 nett per pax.  As the price was so cheap, it was a crowd puller. Can be said the restaurant had extends to the hotel lobby. The buffet starts at 7:00pm and end at 10:30p.m.

Full with patrons.
The other side of the restaurant.
Tenpayaki buffet line. You can select and ask the chef to cook and grill for you.
A chef cutting a lamb shoulder for guest.
One of the buffet line serving local delicacy.
Satay aisle is one of the most hit side. You can have chicken, mutton and beef.
Salad buffed line.
Oysters, Cold Shrimps and Clamps. Saw few people argue here during the hectic hours.
Desert buffet line.
Exhausted chocolate fountain. It's a hit for the young and old.
Main course buffet line.
Can be said, you will see those people will compete with each other on the buffet line especially those serve expensive food like oyster and clamps. It is not so enjoyable buffet as most people are pushing among the crowds to get the food. You will see how a greedy and selfish person are where  some of them will take more portion  and then end up not finishing them. I lost my appetite first seeing the crowds pushing among themselves. RM25 for a dinner buffet with expensive food been serve, you will know how pack was it. Me and my wife manage to get some food and do enjoy some of the meals.

Food that i manage to grab during peak hour.
my 2nd round food.
My 3rd round food.

When the clock reaches nearly to 9:00p.m, the people getting lesser and lesser and now you can enjoy the food and walk around the buffet line. During the hectic hour, you need to squeeze with people. Some people argue with each other especially on the oysters’ serving part.  In the end, we all happy and enjoy the meals.