Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barbie @ The Curve Damansara

Kids with the real "Barbie". Wonder either her name is Barbie as well.
It been a while I didn’t update my blog as I was busy with other stuffs on hand either it’s work or doing my personal thing like become tourist guide for some of my relatives which came over to Key Ell for holiday. I think i’m a bit free now so i intend to update my blogs. Let me see my archive of photo i stored in my notebook.
I got an interesting topic. For girls who like toys such as Barbie, i met the real live living Barbie at The Curve Damansara. I know you might say i’m joking but yes i did since the Metrojaya is organize Barbie toys expo at the centre court. In my mind, Barbie should be pretty but i let you judge it for yourself does she look like Barbie.

A siblings pose with Barbie.
Crowd throngs toward Barbie on stage.

Beside meet the real Barbie, there were tons of Barbie dolls, merchandize and souvenirs been sold and mostly are pink color. The company Martell which is the creator of Barbie dolls do put up a displayed a collections of Barbie and most of it are Limited Edition. You think how much is it and you will be surprise as you know if it is a limited edition the price is quite high.