Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Majeeda Haj Nasi Briani @ Ujong Pasir Malacca

The Famous Ujong Pasir Nasi Briani
I was not aware that Malacca has some stall selling best nasi briani. I only know this when the duo guitarist at St. Paul church ruins told me. They said if you ask any malaccanians, they will say nasi briani was Haji Hussin which located at Ujong Pasir Malacca. It sound interesting as it was well recommended by them. So after we check out from the hotel, we went to our quest to find this famous spot for briani. I ask the concierge at Holiday Inn for the so called famous Nasi Briani in Ujong Pasir, they just say very near and not so far. I ask for the exact location and they can’t answer me where it is at just say it at Ujong Pasir. Seem like even some people don’t know the place exist. With the help of a map which i have, I just follow the route to Ujong Pasir. Till there, we tried to find the place as the guitarist told us it just beside the road side. We spent about 20 mins at ujong pasir to search for the briani rice and i give a last try to ask a cashier at petrol station. Luckily, the cashier manage to gave me the exact location. The shop is located not beside the main road but i need to enter a small road which near to a primary school. So i drove there and finally found the shop. It was pack with patrons as it was lunch time. The shop is just under a mango trees and in front of a primary schools. You may able to see even those wearing suits, coats and tie come and eat at this shop.

The menu for the shop.
Lemon with selasih seeds drink.
Chicken Briani Rice
Mutton Briani Rice

I ordered chicken briani while my wife and mum ordered mutton briani. It was good as what people say. So next time if you have the chance to visit Malacca, come and have a try the nasi briani at Ujong Pasir.

Map and Location:

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