Saturday, June 20, 2009

KL Bird Park @ IKANO Mutiara Damansara

KL Bird Park @ Ikano Power Centre

Birds infest a shopping mall in Mutiara Damansara. KL Bird Park which is the largest aviary bird park had collaborated with the Mutiara Damansara management to bring in some of the bird to the centre court of the shopping complex.

KL Bird Park Logo which is a hornbill.
The main aviary which place most of the birds.
The 2 love birds. 
The male love bird try to impress his partner.
Seem like the partner ignore him.
The female love bird is try to play hard to get.
Finally the male manage to show his affection by sniffing the female arm pits. Hahaha.... i won't do that to my wife.
This bird try to impress me with his fluffy feathers.
Cleaning up the feathers.
A lot of people throngs to the place just to have picture with the bird and have a close up view of the real life bird. I manage to persuade my wife to come to the event after work just to took picture of the bird and update my blog.

A peacock.
Wild chicken
Another wild male chicken.
Barn Owl
A type of parrot
Two parrot staring my lens.
The event was full with activity such as colouring contest for children. Beside the bird on display, there were some stall been setup by KL Bird Park selling merchandise, souvenir and ticket to KL Bird Park which located near KL Lake Garden. I manage to catch few shot of the birds and the activity.

Prize giving ceremony for the coloring contest.
The water pond fill up with koi fish.
A water features which been circles with koi fish.