Monday, June 8, 2009

Museum Cafe @ Jonker Strret Malacca

Museum Cafe @ Jonker Street which always pack with patrons.
If you come to Malacca, do drop at the famous Museum Cafe @ Jonker Street Malacca. It’s well known for the Nyonya asam laksa and cendol. The shop offer a lot of local delicacy. I order  a bowl of baba asam laksa while my mum and wife order nyonya asam laksa.

Nyonya Assam Laksa.
Baba Assam Laksa
This is my 3rd time i went to this stalls if time i visit Malacca. It called museum cafe as the shop owner display variety of antics for patron to view. You may refer to this blog on the detail from other blogger which are more detail than mine.

Map and Location:

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