Friday, August 13, 2010

Asian Flavours @ 3:16 Kopitiam Sibu

During my last visit to Sibu, I’d promised my cousin Roy to pay a visit to his stall and give a try on his specialty dishes he made. As our plane touchdown in Sibu Airport, me and my wife decide to have our lunch at my cousin stall located at 3:16 Kopitiam with my sis.
My cousin Roy decide to quit his job as a chef in a Tapas’ Restaurant in Singapore as he think it’s better for him to start with his own business. The wife also quit from hotel line to follow him back to Sibu to open up the stalls. Previously, Roy had worked in Star Cruise for few years before he worked as a chef in Tapas’ restaurant. Can’t believe my cousins have passion of cooking as all in my childhood memories, he actually don’t like cooking. People do change after sometimes depend on the surrounding influence. Both of us share the same interest in cooking and sometime we change idea usually we chat and sent PM in Facebook.
Roy knew that I was coming on that week but does not sure when I will drop by at his stalls as he knows that I might be busy with my cousin marriage at our kampong (Jackfruit Village).

It was a surprise for him when I came that day as what I’d promised him that I will pay him a visit with my wife. He was assist by his wife Cindy and my aunt Rose. It’s had been awhile both me and Roy meet face to face and the last time I met him was on 2005 New Year in Sibu. One thing that we comment on each other is our appearance. Hahahahahha.... even my aunt Rose comment on our size. She tell us if one of my cousin came as well, can see the resemblance in face and size.
Back to our food topics, Roy told me he met one of well known food critics in Sibu which is also my blogger friend and my secondary school teacher which is Mr. Arthur had post some critics on his food on his blog. He accept the critics and this is motivate him to do some changes and improve his cookings. On that day itself, I stumble with him and other blogger Clare at that shop. What a coincidence.
Roy cooked some specialty for us which is the “Singapore Hokkien Mee”, “Vientnamese Beef Noodle Soup” and “Fried Beef Mee Hong Kong Style”.

Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee

Fried Beef Noodle Hong Kong Style

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

The price was quite reasonable for the portion he gave but for some of us who live outside Sibu, the  price can consider normal but for Sibu people it might be pricey a bit. Me and my wife do enjoy the dish he cook.
My wife loves her Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soups and my fried beef mee Honkee Style. I also tries his Singapore Hokkien Mee and he told me that Singaporean no more using the leaves to place the mee nowadays because of hygienic purpose. He didn’t put any soy sauce cause it he put dark soy sauce, it will become the normal Hokkien Mee sold in West M’sia.
Roy also put some surprise for us that day. He’d prepared few Tapas’ or Finger food which is one of his specialty during his working in Tapas’ restaurant in SG. In conjunction with my cousin married with a Spanish man, so he decide to give a try in Sibu some Spanish food to sibu folks. He serve us on the house his new dishes which is “Spanish chicken croquettas”, “Thai Fish Cake” and “Boxing Fish (i called it like this cause it look like Boxing Chicken)”.

Spanish chicken croquettas

Boxing Fish and Homemade Thai Fish Cake

I love the chicken croquettas because of texture and taste. For sure i will order this one if i come there. The thai fish cake also nice but need some improvement. After reading SuiTuaPui blog, Roy decide to take out the “Thai Fish Cake” as not much demand. The “Boxing Fish”, i think need to add some “Thai Sauce” to serve along with it.

Family photo with Chef Roy.

On that day, my bro in law and my sis came all the way from Kuching also have their lunch at Roy stalls. As my bro in law is also a chef and also a lecturer, he also loves the tapas and foods Roy cook. Both of them using Chef jargon words which only chef knew but I know they were talking about the methods and ideas on cooking. All in all, all the food serve by Roy really good and hope his business will grow. Roy know my plans and I hope it can be realize soon.  

Here are the location of the shop. It quite secluded place and I hope with the maps below will be easy for you guys to locate it.