Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tiong Hua Road Hidden Treasures (Kompia)

For Sibuian, Tiong Hua Road is located at a flood prone area which usually occurs at year end or when there is any heavy downpour.  Although the place is located in that area, there is a famous local delicacy which is the kompia and the “somboi limau” (sour plum with lime) drink.

Signature drink for the stall, sour plum with lime juice.


This place exists since my elder brother era schooling at Sacred Heart Secondary School and the shop still operates till today. The tauke and taukenyiur is still the same but now the daughter is taking up the business with a help of one indon helper. Since my schooling days, i never see the tauke even smile at the customer and have sour face each time i had my kompia there with my wife.
Usually, there have 2 type of kompia either with pork meat or plain kompia. The specialty about this Tiong Hua kompia is the gravy. Nobody can beat the taste of the gravy. Never change since last time. I still remembered last time, after we played football at school. Me and my friends will walk to the shop and enjoy our kompia and drinks. Sometimes the tauke can’t stand with the students because we talked so loud and laughing.

The plain kompia with the special gravy

Kompia with pork and gravy. Previously, the meat is inside the kompia but now outside? ermmm...

When i visited the stall, i stumble with the white dogs still there and alive which always bark at the customer near to the kitchen. But now, it’s getting older and seeing the dog reminds me of the old memories there when I used to throw ice on it when we finish drinking somboi limau. At the backyard, i saw there are 2 younger white dog and 3 puppies at the backyard and i guess his continuous blood line.
So, if you happen to be in Sibu, please don’t forget to drop by at this shop. There is few post about this shop which u can find here. By the way, i heard in Sibu there is a halal kompia with gravy selling somewhere in the kampong side. Hope the shop still exist when i’m going back to Sibu.

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