Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rasa Sayang Cafe @ Sibu

During my last trip to my hometown in Sibu, the main thing you will do is eat and eat. As me and my sis from kuching craving for kampua, me eldest sis told that there is a good kampua near to her working place near Pahlawan Commercial centre. The place is located near to new bus terminal. There are few blog talking about this place as example as this one.
As we reached at our destination, my sis told me during the weekdays usually it always packed with people and hardly to find any seating. So i guess we were lucky that day as it was eight of us including my niece. The shop name Rasa Sayang Cafe.
Most of us order kampua mee but my one i order with soy sauce and chillies. My mum was still thinking what to order and finally she make up her mind and order a bowl of Sarawak laksa.
It a bit hard to take the order from the boy who speak to us in Mandarin. Haiyo... i fell my mandarin but at least my wife understand and able to communicate. Paiseh...
Our food came and i hope it meets my taste buds. So i take few snap of the photo of the kampua mee and the Sarawak laksa. Not sure my kampua mee is correct but it missing the char siew meat. Instead it was replaced with minced pork meat.

The Kampua Mee from Rasa Sayang Cafe

Laksa Sarawak at Rasa Sayang Cafe

The taste is nice but still prefers char siew meat than minced pork. For the Sarawak laksa, my mum tol me it an average taste. Beside selling kampua, they also sell chicken rice and bian sip. Those frying food such as mee and kway teow is not available in this shop.