Monday, September 28, 2009

Arthur's Day 250th Anniversary @ Sunway Beach Park

I can’t  believe that me and my wife join the worldwide celebration of 250th Anniversary of Arthur Guinness held in Kuala Lumpur (the only place in Asia chosen for the celebration among the 5 venues to host the celebration) at Sunway Beach Park on 25th July 2009. In Malaysia, the main attraction for the performing was the BEP aka the Black Eyed Pea. Beside them they were other invited artist from Taiwan and Malaysia sua as MC Hot Dog, MJ119, Point Blanc, Reshmonu, Man Hand, Danny One and Malique which also entertain us that night.

Sunway Beach Park Entrance

The theme were black and most of the crowd are wearing black attire. No SLR and Video cam were allowed but normal digital camera is allowed. Dunno why this 2 items is not allowed as the normal compact camera have this features. Even the mobile were having this function as well.
Anywhere, i manage to captured some of the image using my hp, my wife hp and my old Samsung compact camera which indeed really in need for that night.

Posing at the big poster of BEP near to the concert arena

The party was really great and we really enjoyed ourselves there. The party started at 8:00pm beginning with performance of local artist. As the party had started, me and my wife decided to have a drink at alcoholic section called Gravity Bar. And there was a long queues lining up to the section. Guess what, the first time i have problem entering a alcoholic place just because my name got “Bin”. What can i say, some west Malaysian does not know that the “Bin” was place on the name for Sarawak and Sabah bumiputera which is not “Muslim”. For them, as long you got “Bin” is Muslim. One more thing i notice about them is the poor knowledge in MyKad detection. If you were a muslim, “Islam” will be stated on your MyKad and if you non Muslim, no religion will be printed out. Not to offend for those West Malaysian reading my blog, but hope you all understand that not all people which are having “Bin” on their names is a Muslims. It’s for those bumiputera. For details, you may visit JPN website or called them even better. For yout info, our Idris Jala is not a muslim but a sarawakian bumiputera which is Christian. He also has this problem as well when dealing with west Malaysian. Back to my story, finally i manage to go in Gravity Bar after i quarrel with the non educated workers from the organizer and Rela. Finally, the leader from RELA let me in as I think he know the criteria of Mykad which does not stated “Islam” on it. They apologize to me and my wife and i just can’t understand why we were tag as living on top of the trees by some of west Malaysian but yet they do not know anything about MyKad. I think some of them never seat on an aeroplane for travelling.

Local performance entertain the crowd.

At Gravity Bar.

The draft Guinness beer.

The complete 1 round of Guinness beer.

The tab draft counter.

I order the draft guiness 2 rounds which cost RM10 per cup. 1 rounds consist of 4 cups. The taste of the draft stout is not that strong as the bottle. It tastes more of water as usually any beer draws from the tab the taste is diluted. It took more than 3 hours plus before the long awaits BEP to appear on stage. Once the BEP was on stage, the crowd gone wild and we all dancing like no once business. Hahahahaha... The BEP really rock the house and we really enjoyed it.

BEP start performing.

Taken from the big screen.

Fergie singing

Will I Am spinning his DJ skills and his remix rock the house.
BEP sang the last song, "I Got a feeling" as the last songs.

Firework display to marks 250th Anniversary of Guinness

The concert end at 1:30 am with a spectacular firework show which last for 15 minutes.