Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mum's Place Restaurant @ Damansara Perdana

Mum's Place Restaurant cum Furniture Gallery

If you were wondering around Damansara Perdana, you will find a lot of nice condo’s, apartment, studio apartment and duplex condo at this area. Some says it a place for the elite and the rich. The place located at lush greenery area next to a hills. The place was used to be orang asli settlement area but when the developer develops the area, the developer gave some proper landed house for them as an exchange for the land. Although the place had been developed, you may see some of the orang asli entering the jungles near the well built apartment and condo’s to gather some jungle produce from there.

Mum's Place dining table setup

Some of the item display are for sale.

Let’s starts talking about a fine dining place which a must to visit when you are in this area. The place that I’m talking about is My Mum’s Place. The shop is quite different from other shop where it also furniture shops. What i meant is, the furniture where you dine or the item been display in the shop, if you like it, you can buy it. I know back on my home town Sibu, a shop called Cafe Cafe also having the similar concept. Can be say, the idea in Sibu was taken from here. According to my wife, the shop was established long way before Cafe Cafe open in Sibu as her late mums family side always dine there since her granny still alive. Maybe this concept was make the Sibu Cafe Cafe owner wanted to do the same as well.

The Eagle Sculpture close up on top of the dragon

The dragon beneath the eagle.
The food sold here is quite nice and the atmospheres are cosy. It feels like at home. I was amazed with the sculpture of an eagle and a dragon. You may purchase it if you have the money. The weight is 300kg. For those Feng Shui and art lover, the money is not a problem if the sculpture is worth spending. About the food, all the food are the family recipe which been past down the generations. The food is nice and delicious.  My wife really loves the fried sambal cencaru with stink bean. There a variety of food to choose and all are ala carte. The food serve here are all halal food.

The menu

Yet another menu to choose from.

Fried cencaru with sambal and petai (stink beans)

Pucuk Keledek with fried blachan

Fried portugese black pepper beef

Lotus chicken soup

Thai Water Chestnut

ABC aka Air Batu Campur

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