Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seafood Heaven @ Umbai Lama Malacca

If you in Malacca and you love seafood, just drop by at Umbai a fisherman village which sells fresh cook seafood either grilling, steam, fried and etc. You will amaze the wide variety of cooking method there offer.
There are two place of Umbai which is the old one and the new one. For your info, if you want cheap and you don’t mind to wait for parking space, you may go to Umbai Lama. For Umbai baru, there is ample of parking space but the theory of a ggod food, if there’s a lot of patron its means there is a good food been serve.
So i decide to drive to Umbai Lama as it was cheap and much more reknown than the New Umbai. The journey from Malacca town will took around 30 minutes from the town. It packs with people when we reached there as most people went there for dinner. Mostly, you can see most of the patrons are not from Malacca by seeing the car registration plate number.

A row of shop open for patrons to choose.

Another view of the other row of shops.

Pack with patrons enjoying the wide variety of seafood.

Variety of fresh fish for you to choose.
Fresh seafood!!!!

Umbai located at the mouth of the river to the sea and you can feel the sea breeze when you eating. Me and my wife order few type of dishes of seafood. Kerang rebus, grill fish, ikan tiga rasa (3 flavour fish) and few vege. It’s quite cheap and you really sastify with it. The unique about this place is the nasi lemak. It really cute and really small in size. It’s a good idea to make it small cause you will be shy if you take more when people looking at you when eating. I snap few shots of the place for you guys to enjoy.

The sambal cecah.

Fried cuttlefish
Fried Water Spinach with Blachan (Kangkong Belacan)
The small nasi lemak packaging.
The simple nasi lemak just with the sambal.
Ikan Kerapu Masak Tiga Rasa
Ikan Kerapu Bakar
Kerang Rebus
Fried sawi
The fisherman boat at the jetty near to the eating place.

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