Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nice Burger @ Sentul

Everybody loves to eat burger. For us Malaysian, this midnight snack we can find anywhere selling by the road side burger stalls. There a lot of franchise burger stalls in the country amongst them were “Ramly Burger”, “Otai Burger” and others to name a few. But for me, the best ever burger sells by road side burger i have tasted is at Sentul near my place which named as “Nice Burger”.

Nice Burger stall located at in front of 7-Eleven Convenient shop in Jalan Sentul

I’m not sure why I’m addicted to it maybe because of the bun and texture of the meat. The burger meat it all cooked nicely done. Not overcooked, not too raw, just perfect. The bun is soft and not like other burger i taste where the bun is hard and toasted to much.
I discover this burger stall in coincident last 2 years where i search for 7-Eleven convenience shop near to my place. Seeing a lot of people queuing for the burger, so i decide to try and since that day, i keep on recommending my friend to eat the burger there. For me, i added custom made burger whereby i request the onions to be fried first to release the aroma and taste of the onions on the burger.

The packaging of the burger.
Unveiling the hot dog and 2 burgers.
Since that day, i’m a regular customer at the stalls. I can even place an order by calling the burger stall owner for pick up rather i’m waiting queuing with others near the stalls. If you ever pass by at Sentul area, don’t ever miss to taste this soft bun and tender burger selling here at “Nice Burger”. It located at in front of 7-Eleven convenient shop.

Special Beef Burger
Special Double Beef Burger
Chicken Hot Dog

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