Sunday, March 27, 2011

3rd Edition Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - Part 2

Continue on my previous post regarding the 3rd edition of Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon, here I would highlight on the other event which was held at the vicinity of the fiesta took place. For those who are into outdoor and extreme game, they may go to the Mountain Dew Extreme Zone which visitors can have they hand on wall climbing, Segway ride, paintball, orb ball, archery and mini motor ride.

Mountain dew extreme zone

Wall climbing.

There were a lot of people queuing playing the Orb compare to the other outdoor games been offered during the fiesta. The company which provides this called GAC Adventure Consultant Sdn Bhd. They provide unique and unforgettable experience outdoor activity. On this fiesta, they brought the ORB and it was a hit with visitors. The price was RM10 per person per each Orb game. You may choose Water Orb, Orbing Ball or Bumper Ball. The most interesting was the Water Orb where you are place inside a ball fill up with air and then the orb ball are push to the water. It remind me of a hamster inside the hamster ball where u need to push yourself forward to enable the Orb moving.

The different type of Orb balls activity.

The Orb ball

some of the thrill hearted try out the orb ball ride which they are inside the ball

Water Orb

Bumper Orb

Beside the Orb ball, there were Segway ride which is some sort like a tricycle. The ride cost around RM10 per person. It looks interesting bike to use for evening ride around the neighborhood. Beside the Segway track, kids are allowed to try on the mini motorbike. It cost RM15 per child and it was a heat for kids. For the safety, some of the kids were given helmet and some shin n knee guard.

Segway ride counter

Segway ride

 Segway ride

Mini motorbike

Not far from the side was paintball area where u have the chances to try out your shooting skills using paintball guns. There were also F&B stalls been erected for the crowd who tend to spend the entire day at the fiesta. Here are the random photos which I took with my dedicated simple camera.

Paintball area

Starbuck on wheels

Pizza Hut on wheels

KFC on wheels

Target practice

Robin Hood anyone?

bubbles flying around the fiesta area