Sunday, October 11, 2009

PresstoPlay by Playboy @ Midvalley

Press to Play

Anyone wanna Press to Play? Ermm... sound so interesting. By the way, it’s a motto by the new Playboy new perfume range which consists of Miami, Las Vegas, Hollywood and Malibu. There was a promotion held at Midvalley centre court.

Playboy Logo

White Lambo with 3 bunnies

The attraction was the white Lambo with Playboy logo on the hood. It’s the playboy rides. The car was been display with Naza World plate. Last time, they also display the F50 Scuderia at Pavillion during the F1 season race two weeks before the race was to be held in Malaysia.

White Lambo with Playboy Logo on the hood.

Rear view of the Lambo Playboy style.

Besides the car, there was 3 model wearing bunny head gear with pony tail posing with the white Lambo car while promoting the new launch perfume. Lot of people were taking photo of the car and the models.

One of the model posing with one of the perfume.

One of the model on the rear of the car.

3 of the model in front of the car.

A model posing with the perfume

Actually, it was coincident i brought my camera as i intend to take Deepavali decoration inside shopping malls as what i did for Raya. But for Raya deco, i had not yet posted the picture yet. Maybe i will find time to post it on the blog. Me and my wife was persuade by the sales girls to purchase the perfume. The smell is quite good and it’s cheap with RM59.90 for 100ml perfume plus a body spray.

The display unit of the perfume.

The packaging is quite nice as well. I was confused as the sales girl keep on giving me different type of smell from Malibu to Las Vegas and then Miami. My sense of smell was confuse when she decide me to give me to smell a container of coffee to neutralize my sense of smell. My wife reserves the Hollywood for herself and i have to choose either Malibu, Las Vegas or Miami. In the end, I choose Miami as the smell are much more pleasant than the other two.

The perfume that we bought.