Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picnic Getaway @ Sungai Congkak Hulu Langat

Sungai Congkak

I had plan for a picnic at one of the forest reserve not far from city centre. I was so envy seeing my relatives picnic at my grandpa food orchard few weeks back and posted on Facebook. So, i persuade my wife to go for picnic each day until she agreed to. Hihihihi
So, on Friday after work and was the last day of my wife working at her old place, we went to Tesco to buy groceries for picnic and household. For the picnic, we bought chicken wing and clam mushroom. I think i’m too much looking forward for the trip.
When we reach home, I straight away change my clothes and starting preparing the ingredients for marinate the chicken wings which I plan to baked in the oven the next day before we go for the picnic.
The next day came, It was Saturday. I was quite disappointed as when I woke up at 8:00 a.m, my plan to have a picnic in the morning before noon ruins. It was raining outside and there is no sign it will stop as the sky is dark. Sighs.... So, i just keep my finger cross and hope the weather will change. So i continue sleeping till 10:30a.m. When i woke up again, it was still drizzling outside. Sighs...
Then at 11:30 a.m, the rain stop and i saw Ms. Sunshine spreads her lights over the Klang Valley. Hhihihihi... It’s a sign for me that the picnic is on. Hahahahaha....I straight go to the kitchen and baked my chicken wings in the oven, preparing the egg sandwich and re-heat masak hitam. My wife helped me to prepare the food.
It took us about 2 hours plus to prepare the food for the picnic. We went off at 3:30pm from the house and then pick up my friend nearby which also likes to join the picnic. Guess what, i have not yet decided which picnic place i want to go either Ulu Yam or Sg. Congkak. My wife decide to go to Sg. Congkak at Hulu Langat area as most of her friends suggest that place is far more better and cleaner than Ulu Yam. So we drove from KL to Sg. Congkak and it took us about 1 hour to reach our destination as on our way, there were massive jams at Jalan Ampang all the way due to still Raya month as most of the house still doing Raya open house.

When we reach, we were amazed with the scenery. It was cooler and the air are more fresher. You can hear the water stream rumblings on the river. The place we have our picnic is a 8 hectare area which we can choose where to set our picnic place. There were some pondok and chalet for rent. You may also do camping there as well which you need to pay as well. So we set our picnic site near the river bank. I can’t wait to dip my feet in the cold running fresh water.

Crystal clear water

Cooling the water.

The grill chicken wing which i had prepared at home

We enjoyed the food that we have prepared and enjoyed the scenery. I see some people there carrying net to catch fish. I was wondering what fish was it. As i was standing in the water, i felt tickling on my feet. Guess what, it was few small fish like what we have in spa fish outlet and it’s free. No charges at all. So i called my wife and friend to enjoy the free fish spa.

Going home

We left the place at 6:30p.m, we decide to leave the picnic area as we don’t want to leave at dark coz the road leading back to the city have no street lights. All in all, it was a great trips and i’m looking forward for another picnic at Sg. Congkak.