Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Supper Food for the night crawlers - Nasi Lemak Bumbung @Seapark

If you are looking for nasi lemak at wee hour of the nights, you may try and visit Nasi Lemak Bumbung at Seapark PJ. It open from 6.00pm to 3.00am or 4.00am (Depends on the crowds or the available food their have) on Saturday to Thursday and only closed on Friday.

The famous nasi lemak at Seapark PJ

I get to know this place from a friend of mine which introduce me this addicted nasi lemak especially the sambal nasi lemak and the fried chicken with spices. The waiters look similar might be siblings and you amaze with their skills remembering the orders and can calculate the price like calculator.
According to my friend, previously they opened just beside the road before people start to complaint as it congested the traffic flow. So, they decide to open up in the back alley between two shop houses.
The alley is not on totally flat ground but slightly some tables are at a slope ground. When peak hours, the alley will be full until the end. The alley is well lighted with colour florescent lights and well ventilated with factory metal size fans. The best things, there is no stench smells from the drain and it quite clean. You can also opt to seat outside Maybank ATM but the allocated seat is limited. First comes first seat basic. No need to be shy to look for empty seat or table.
Don’t be amaze, after you had placed your order from the waiter your food will be arriving first than your drinks. It’s normal here as the nasi lemak is easy to prepare than drinks. Besides that, some patrons are like vultures for empty seat. Some will stand beside your table if there see you finish your meals.

Top view of the Nasi Lemak

Side view of the nasi lemak.

Back to the nasi lemak portion consist of one piece of chicken's parts fried until crispy with intensely-flavorful and golden brown in color outside but yet maintain the soft and warm meats inside….  (I’m guessing you will start to drools with this statement. kikikikikiki ). When you have a taste of the chicken, you will order another plate of chicken and additional rice. The egg they prepared in 'mata kerbau'-style dunno what their called in English might be “sunny side-up”.  Now we go to the rice part, it well cooked and fragrant and the problem is the portion. If you are big eater, the portion is just like a small bump on the plate. Next, the sambal which is sweet and nice to eat (not that spicy but just nice).

There is other nasi lemak you can try which is mutton and kosong. I tried the mutton but i still prefer the fried chicken. I'd yet to try the indomie mee but maybe my next trip there i will try and taste. But based on other bloggers feedback on it, it just an ordinary Ibumie Mi Goreng with telur mata kerbau. you may read from the following blog.

As for the location, the shop is easy to be spotted as it just beside Maybank Seapark. The address of the shop is at following address:-

Bumbung Nasi Lemak @ S.E.A Park 
Jalan 21/11b, S.E.A Park 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46300


suituapui said...

That looks sooo good! How much one plate like that?

Unknown said...

RM4.50 per plate

Ash said...

Use to frequent this place when I was a teenager.