Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A day trip to Universal Studio - Part 2

It seems like ages I didn’t update my blog. I received a lot of weird of comments on my past post. I think I lost my passion to write due to hectic work. So, to begin with I’ll continue with previous blog on Part 2 on my trip to Universal Studio Singapore.

As been mentioned on my previous post, do not try the BGS back to back. You will regret, but you’re insists you may go calm yourself on Madagascar rides. So we went to Madasgascar section which was sponsored by Maybank. There were a lot of outlet but we try “A Crate Adventure” where you seat in a boat for safari tour.

The iconic Madagascar ship.

Not to worries about food, each theme park have their own food court.

Mary go round anyone?

Taking photo with the Madagascar main stars 

Although the ride is not that shacky, but it really do ease from dizziness. After we’d spent our time here, we went back to Shrek theme park. The castle was beautiful. The thing that you should try here is the 4D shows. You must try it when you visit here. You not only can watch the adventure in 3D, you can do as well feel the effect like spider crawling under your feet, water splashing on your face and etc.

Entrance to Shrek castle

Fairy Godmother shops

The Majestic castles

The Frog prince

Shrek shed

After we had our ride, we shoot up to The Mummies theme park for the roller coaster. This is a must go roller coaster ride. During this time, my dizziness is subdued and able to cope the G force from the ride. For those who are having heart problem or breathing problem, my advice is not to take the risk. This ride is full of adrenaline as you are totally buckled on your seat in total darkness.

Posing with the guards

Entrance to the ride.

Once we finish our ride, the next stop is the show at Water World. Please take note, if you expecting to get wet, please bring along extra clothes like we did and do remind the color of your seating. The front row and middle, expect to get wet. The shows last for 20 minutes with full explosion and stunts.

Don't seat in front row if you don't tend to get wet

The action begins with shooting and explosion.

After we finish our show, we went to the last ride at Jurasic Park the lost world. This ride is where you are seated on a buoy with a bunch of people max of 8 persons. Do not expect you could be out of it dry although you purchase a disposable raincoat, I saw few person which rode the ride before us are totally wet.

Welcome to Jurasic Park

This machines does help you to get dry if you get wet.

All in all, the trip is awesome. Tips for those who wanna ride the whole ride in one day, do purchase the “Express Lane” ticket. Trust me, it worth it.