Saturday, October 1, 2011

Malaysia Day Celebration at Dataran Mederka

It had been a while I didn’t post any blog since I’m working at new place. Hustle bustle with works. I took a lot of photo but I didn’t post it up or blog about it. Even my wife asking me, where is my passion in blogging and editing photo gone. It’s maybe due to the time constraints; wake up early in the morning and come back at work nearly 7pm almost every day. Go makan at shop and then end up returned at home nearly 10 p.m, watch tv and then sleep. This is routine activity during the weekdays.

On my way to Dataran Merdeka, I'm using public transport as avoiding the jams.

I know the photo I will post here will be old which is 16th September 2011 gathering at Dataran Merdeka, but it worth sharings since I’d edited it and resize it.A nite before, I join few of my DSLR kakis to take photo at KLCC for firework as been posted in previous post and I did told them than I be going for Dataran Merdeka for Malaysia Day parade and they agreed to join. The next day, I did went to the event and the two kaki’s which supposed to follow me  “flying kite” (aka did not shown up) as expected. In the end I was alone prowling with my camera and taking photos.

The spirit of Malaysians celebrating Malaysia Day.

The crowd was a lot and it some sort you going for a carnival. It was jammed pack with sea of people standing along the road just to witness the parade. The parade started at 8:30am and end up at 10:00am.

 The spectator from different walk of life and race throngs to Dataran Mederka for the parade.

Our Prime Minister

Our First Lady

Kids was so hungry and a cup of noodles do help.

Tourist posing with TM groups.

Masjid Jamek

In the end of the day, I got sunburn. Enjoy the pic I shared here although it is outdated. sighs....