Saturday, September 17, 2011

Firework Display at KLCC on Malaysia Day Eve

On Malaysia Eve day, I went to KLCC to take some photo of firework with some of my photo kaki’s (bunch of DSLR owner trying to attempt taking photo at KLCC). It was drizzling the whole time since the evening and it was lucky that before midnight, the drizzle stops.

The fireworks usually took place on every eve of Malaysia Independence day on 30th August annually each time the clock struck 12 midnight but this year it was on Malaysia Day Eve which falls on 15th September. I will post more about Malaysia Day on my next post talking on Malaysia Day celebration at Dataran Merdeka.
The firework display was about 7 minutes and I’d only managed to capture few earlier one but due to the massive smokes, some of the fireworks can’t be seen. Maybe the location or the wind are not with us that night.

The sky was shine with brilliant firework displays

This is nice but the smokes was so thick. One of the tower was not visible.

This is also nice but the smokes was so thick. One of the tower was not visible.

As this is our first attempts,  maybe on next round can or I can practice during CNY in Sibu which I think it will be more than 7 minutes of fireworks displays.

Below are my friend photo which is look better than mine. I'm using DSLR entry levels but theirs are Semi Pro DSLR levels. So the picture also better than mine.

From Castor Troy (Nikonian D7000)

From Maurice Milano (Nikonian D7000)