Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pirates has landed @ Midvalley

Each summer, there will be new box office movie will be played throughout the world. This year, Pirates of The Caribbean on Stranger Tides hits the Malaysian shores and again Midvalley turns it concourse area into a theme park. Last year it was Alice in Wonderland, now it was the pirates taking over Midvalley.

Replica of Queen Anne's Revenge 

Close up on the front of the ship

 The dock where the ship berth

Queen Anne's Revenge is Captain Blackbeard Ship

The main attraction is the replica of Queen Anne’s Revenge ship built at the concourse area. It was built quite details together with the other props. While I was still snapping the photo of the ship, the dance show starts where the dancer will dress up as the character in the movie such as Jack Sparrow and Captain Blackbeard. Out of sudden, the councourse area was full with people to catch a glimpse of the show. Me and my missus was lucky enough near to the stage.

A dancer dress up as Captain Jack Sparrows the main character in Pirates of Caribbean

A dancer dress up as Captain Blackbeard daughter

Captain Blackbeard

This two kids does not enjoy the shows but the parents do.

It was enjoyable 20 minutes shows which entertain most of the childrens since it was school holidays. If you around in KL this week, you may bring your family at Midvalley and snap few photo for your memory treasure.

Beside from the replica of the ship, there was a replica built up from LEGO. It was quite details and based on the movie theme which is Pirates of Caribbean on Stranger Tides. 

Details on the Lego

Catching the mermaids

Queen Anne's Revenge Ship 

Queen Anne's Revenge Ship from another view