Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kolok Mee at Nam Chun Kopitiam Bangsar

As a Sarawakian, it’s always a big task to help fellow Sarawakians which are craving for Sarawak food which lives at Klang Valley. The place are scattered around Klang Valley but to enjoy two Sarawak food in one kopitiam is rare I can say.

Nam Chun Restaurant Lucky Garden Bangsar

Most of us know about the best laksa Sarawak in Klang Valley located at Lucky Garden Bangsar which is at Nam Chun Kopitiam. A lot of blog about the Aunty Christina Laksa Sarawak had been posted around and by word of mouth, the Laksa Sarawak is the main attraction for patrons to the kopitiam such as from kyspeak, vkeong, uli and headsteadi to name a few.

Photo taken from on Aunty Christina Sarawak Laksa

Last 2 months, a new shop just opened selling Sarawak food as well but famous for Kuchingnites which is Kolok Mee. It differs from Kampua Mee (you can have a taste of kampua in Bandar Puteri Puchong) which originated from Sibu. In Klang valley this is the 3rd shop I’d tested the Kolok Mee. I havn’t try the halal one yet which they say opened at Ampang which they say not that bad by my Kuching friend.

Kolok Mee at Nam Chun Kopitiam Lucky Garden Bangsar

Kolok Mee at Nam Chun Kopitiam Lucky Garden Bangsar

Back to Kolok mee at bangsar, on the first time I’d tested the mee but it not nice. But later, the owner ask my feedback and comment since I’d asked him either he from Kuching and then we became friend. Usually we talked in Bahasa Sarawak and I give him suggestion that mostly the Chinese in West M’sia like some greens on the meal same like wantan mee. So I suggest he put some sawi on it to compliment the full meal which is consist of mee, meat and greens. Since that day I gave comment, wah lau wei … his business was busy as the Laksa Sarawak sell by aunty Christina. The best thing, both stalls are alongside with each other and both helping each other in taking order from customer.
So, if you are craving for Kolok mee, do drop by at Bangsar and give your own verdict on the taste. Here are the map to go to Nam Chun.

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