Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kings of Fruits Buffet @ SS2

It’s the Durian aka Kings of Fruits season and there a lot of stalls mushrooming beside the road side selling it. There are plenty type of durians selling with weird name such as Musang King aka Elvis Presley, IOI, Udang Merah, D21, D24, VSOP  and etc. to name a few. The price is quite differs with each other. The most expensive one and sought by most durians lover are the Musang King aka Elvis Presley (not sure how the legend rock’n’roll star can be relate to durian) with RM24 – RM28 per kilo.

Durian named Udang Merah which is sweet, less bitter taste, fleshy and small seeds.

 Durian named asVSOP which is fleshy and bitter taste with small seeds.

It was my first time I went for a Durian Buffet at SS2 after how many years I’d been living in Klang Valley. Only heard from my friends and read from other people blog regarding durian buffet. On my  first and second visit, I didn’t bring along my camera as it was unplanned together with some friend after hanging out for yamcha.

On my third visit, I only manage to bring my camera along. Some of the shop provides “Eat All You Can” just paying RM10 – RM15 per pax. Sound interesting right? But there is a catch with the price, the durians are just kampong durians and the size is quite small compare to the other durian with it fancy name.  Sometime you can’t choose the durians in the basket as the workers will open up the durians and serve on your table. The taste is “so so” lor what I can say but no harm to eat.

One of the worker selecting and opening the durian for it customer.

If you want good durians, you may try some of the durians with it fancy name. You can ask the workers to choose and recommend which durian is good to eat. Different people got different taste, some like bitter, some like fleshy, some like sweet and etc.
So far I’d tested Musang King, IOI, D24, D21, D88 and VSOP. The price is vary with each other and depends on which shop you went. So, if you are around in KL during the durian season, drop by at any durian stall and enjoy feasting on durian. Here are some blog link you may refer to which is much more details than mine. ( and CalvinKong)

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