Thursday, April 15, 2010

Road Side Nasi Lemak Stall @ Jalan Pinang KL

Looking for nice nasi lemak in city centre in early morning might not be easy. It had been 3 months plus i work from home but yet, I still go for a road side stalls near to my old office at Jalan Pinang to have my favourite nasi lemak operate by mak cik. Most of my colleagues and ex-colleague really love the nasi lemak which is nice, mouth fulfilling and the price really ridiculous for the big portion.
The stalls operates on weekday from 6:45a.m till 9:00a.m. One must be early if you want to get hold of your favourite side dishes either ayam masak merah, kerang, sotong, ikan, sardine and etc. Beside selling nasi lemak, you may opt to choose fried noodle, fried bee hoon and local kuih muih.

Variety of nasi lemak side dish.

But this Mak Cik is a nice person. Each time i come o her stall, she will ask,”Lama tak nampak dik” which translate in English,”It been a while didn’t  seeing you”. I told her that i’m no longer have an office in city centre but now working from home. She ask why i come all the way from my place to city centre, i replied her that my wife now working at the hotel nearby and miss mak cik nasi lemak.

While she wraping the nasi lemak, she usually will chat with her customer.

She also still remembered one of my colleague from Sibu which is Choo as i did introduce my sibu staff with her nasi lemak. Choo did take photo of her and her stall which later he posted about the nasi lemak on his blog. You may read his blog here regarding the nasi lemak.

The wrap nasi lemak in oil paper.

Nasi Lemak with Kerang and Sambal Lebih (My Favourite RM2.50)

If you are working in KL or living in the hotel nearby, just try this nasi lemak and you might get hook with it like me.